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I bought a new RGB LED bulb at the big box store that I wanted to use in my darkroom. It's nice as it's controlled by a remote and offers a variety of lights: from very warm white (about 2700K) to natural light (about 4000k), the remote acts as a dimmer as well. But I of course wondered if the red light was really safe for the paper. This is how I did it.

I wanted to try the Gobe ND filters as they seems to have a good reputation at a reasonable cost. In this review I want to test if the new kid on the block is an alternative to the usual and well-known guys.

TL;DR The Gobe flters I purchased are in my opinion a good set. They introduce a bit of a color cast, cooling down the images but it's not dramatic and it's easily corrected. They don't degrade sharpness, and they are very resistant to flare due to their multicoated glasses.